Research Project

Research Projects:

Name of Principal Investigator Duration of Project Name of the research project Amount / fund received Name of funding agency Year of sanction Department of recipient
Dr. V. R. Patil 10th July 2006 to 10th July 2008 Contribution of plane symmetry in General relativity 50,000/- UGC 2006-07 Mathematics
Dr. G. R. Dhokane 2011-13 Synthesis and Characterization of Polypyridine – PVAc composite films 1,65,000/- UGC 2011-12 Physics
Dr. S.G. Mahajan January 2012 To December 2014 Effective Storage and Retrieval of Various Kinds of Documents in Digital Form Using WINSIS and General Purpose Software- A Practical Approach 65,000/- UGC 2011-12 Library
Dr.V.D. Kapse June 2014 To June 2016 Synthesis and Gas Sensing Behaviour of Nanosized Spinel Type Oxides Containing Magnessium and Zink 1,75,000/- UGC 2013-14 Physics
Dr.S.P. Chavan June 2014 To June 2016  The Critical Study of Participation of the Members in the Processing of Village Council for the Development of Village 1,40,000/- UGC 2013-14 Political Science
Prof. A.F.Bobade 19/06/2014






And  study of


Analogue of



From  leaves



Dulce  plant

3,60,000/- UGC 2013-14 Industrial











Dr. H.U.Petkar   Melghatmadhil Adivasinche Sthalantaran- ek Samajshstriya Adhyayan 1,10,000/- UGC 2015-16 Sociology


Phytochemical analysis of inevitably important plant Murraya Koenigii from upper platue of Chikhaldara (Melghat) India

In-house Research project 2015-2016 to 2016-2017 total grand 10,000/-

Students Research Projects (other than compulsory by the College)2018-2020 Inhouse research project (INC)Sipna Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Amravati6000/- (Expendeture amount 7500/-2019-2020

A Review On Ruta Graveolens As Traditional Medicine Cultivated In Melghat 7,530/- Rs.  2018-2019 to 2019-2020

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