SWOC :  Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges (SWOC)


  • NAAC Reaccredited with Grade “B++” (CGPA :2.77).
  • Institute covered under UGC 2(f) and 12(B) section.
  • Parent Institute possesses 10.4 acres of land at Aladoh village.
  • Women’s hostel having intake capacity of 36.
  • Committed parent institute.
  • Decentralized administration.
  • Maximum number of teachers with Ph.D.
  • Courses offered with modern and traditional subjects.
  • Career oriented programmes at UG level.
  • Prominent alumni.
  • Active NSS unit to serve the society.
  • Good achievement of students in sports.
  • Adoption of number of best practices.
  • Preservation and conservation of rare medicinal plants.
  • Young and Dynamic staff.


  • Infrastructural facilities.
  • Inadequate sports facilities.
  • Adequate research facility need to be augmented.
  • Inadequate need specific UGC schemes.


  • To provide higher education facility to the diversified socio economic strata of    Melghat Tribal Region.
  • To enhance multiple interaction among different cultures.
  • To strengthen institute-industry linkage.
  • To motivate for self employment opportunities.
  • To carry out more research projects.
  • To build up consultancy services.
  • To develop collaborative work with government, industries and NGOs.


  • Lack of awareness about education among tribal and other inhabitants of Melghat.
  • Students from educationally and economically deprived section.
  • Financial and other resource mobilization.
  • Inadequate hostel facility for tribal and socially backward students.
  • Inadequate accessibility and connectivity in terms of conveyance and communication.
  • Hyper intense weather.
  • Inadequate infrastructure in the town of Chikhaldara.

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